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 How to Install new Apple apps

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How to Install new Apple apps Empty
PostSubyek: How to Install new Apple apps   How to Install new Apple apps Icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 10:54 am

Look at your Apple Device to find App Store. It should generally be on the first page unless it has been moved to another one.

Tap on the App Store icon:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-1

Once the App Store is open, type what you want into the search box:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-2-620x465

You will get a list of Suggestions; choose the one that best matches with what you are looking for. For this example I will be choosing Cut the rope HD lite.

Tap on the Suggestion you want.

Now a screen will appear with a list of matching search items:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-3-620x465

The first thing to look at is the Blue Circles. Iinside the blue circles you will see iPhone and iPad,
the apps under each title will only work for the specific device. For
example if you have an iPad only choose the ones under iPad.

Now look at the Red circle. To select the app you want just tap the title of the app.

You will now get a screen like this:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-4-620x465

In this screen you will see a description of the current app, any
recent update for the app and a few pictures of what the App looks

If you look on the left hand side the circle in Pink
has got all the requirements to run the App. It is always a good idea
to double check that you have the right requirements and that you have
that you device.

Now look at Blue box. In this section you will have the cost of the app. As you can see this one is free.

Tap on the price box (in this example it is the box that says free in the Blue box)

The box will now change and will look like this:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-5

Tap the Install App icon. You will now get the Apple ID screen:

How to Install new Apple apps HIAA-6

Just enter your Apple ID password in the password section and press OK.

You will now be redirected to your home screen; the icon of the app
your downloading will appear with a blue bar loading out the bottom up.
Once the bar has finished and the icon become complete the App is
downloaded and installed. Just tap on the icon and you are ready to go.
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How to Install new Apple apps
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